Small Item Shipping

The shipping of evidence through MPG Logistics is simple.  If the item is small or large, MPG makes it as seamless as possible following our strict chain of custody and security processes.

Small Items

(1)    You have a small piece of evidence to ship.  We can send you a shipping kit with all the necessary items to ship.  Contact MPG and we will expedite a kit to the origin of the evidence.

(2)    Pack up the evidence using our material provided.  If the packaging material is not suitable or the item does not fit, call us ASAP.

  1. Put the item in one of the poly bags
  2. Seal bag with an “Evidence” sticker
  3. Put evidence in the padded envelope or box – whichever is more suitable to protect the item in transit.
  4. If required, start the “Chain of Custody Form”

(3)   Email or call MPG with the package details

  1. Where we are shipping it from (your address)
  2. The “Ship To” address
  3. Type of item and approximate weight
  4. Any specific reference you would want to include (claim number, etc.)

(4)   MPG will create ship label and email to you

(5)   MPG will arraign pickup of evidence via Fedex or UPS

(6)   MPG will track package and alert you once delivered

Our kit contains:

  • Security Tape
  • Poly Bags
  • Padded Envelopes
  • Boxes
  • Chain of Custody Form
  • Instructions

Environmentally Friendly Packaging:

We have two reusable tote sizes and we use security tape and seals when necessary


Our Process:

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Small Kit Shipping Process Flow

Small Package Shipping Process


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