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We strongly believe that the only way to ship evidence is to properly package it.  Having a hot water heater rolling around in the back of a truck from Chicago to Dallas doesn’t bode well for the engineer’s successful results.  Depending on the item, we provide our pickup teams on how to package to ensure safe shipping.  Breakable items such as Toilets or TV’s are crated.  Other items are also well packaged.  Contact us to receive a copy of our packaging guide.

Best Practices Packaging Guidelines:

  • Evidence is not to overhang the skid
  • Use standard 48″x40″ skids for better stability in transit
  • Evidence needs to be secure to skid
  • If you choose to use bands – use corner guards so they do not dent the evidence
  • Use “do not stack stickers” and our ship to label
  • Secure all pieces – do not let anything ship loose
  • Do not use styrofoam peanuts – they clog up evidence

Below are sample packaging photos:

How We Prepare a Toilet for Shipping:

It is imperative that toilets do not break in our possession.  Toilets are usually cracked when we pick them up so we request that great care is taken to prepare them for shipping.  Tape the crack and use packaging so the evidence does not shift or break.
Good Packaging for a toilet


How We Prepare a Hot Water Heater:

With a Water Heater, it is important to have the unit standing up – not to overhang the skid and secure as to not tip over. 
Hot Water


How to Prepare a Stove/Oven/Dishwasher:

This shows how to properly prepare stoves for shipping to avoid further damage.  We palletize, wrap and corrugate it to make sure the integrity of the evidence is not compromised.
Dishwasher After


Other Items:  Grill

Grill after 2 copy


Fish Tank:

We treat fish tanks just like toilets.  Crating and sufficient internal packaging is required.


Toilet After

Large Items:  Roping Dummy




Another Hot Water Heater:

Note the hot water heater is upright and braced in place to avoid further damage.  Being upright keeps fittings and any other parts extruding from the unit clear from damage.
Hot water heater after2


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