1. Place the evidence (failed part) in the plastic bag.

2. Attach a red tag to seal the plastic bag.

3. Verify all evidence listed in the evidence description has been placed in the plastic bag(s).

4. On the document below, complete the product information, and then sign and date the highlighted box titled “Relinquished by.”

5. Place the bagged evidence and this form in the cardboard box provided. Be sure to place the packing materials around the evidence to protect it during shipping.

6. Remove the backing on the label to expose the adhesive and stick the shipping label to the outside of the package. If an existing shipping label is on the package, please cover the existing label with the shipping label provided. Note, you (the insured) will not be billed any shipping charges.

7. To ship: you can drop the package off at any Authorized shipping outlet (e.g. Staples). You can identify closest shipping location by using link below.  For additional questions, please see the instructions included with the package. Caution: Do not leave the package unattended outdoors for the shipping company. An unattended package has the risk of being stolen.

Click Here for UPS Shipping Locations


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