Shipping Evidence Is Not Easy

It can be complicated – really.  

Whether shipping small items…..

…..or a large item,

We want to be part of your logistics team.

There is always a safer and more efficient way to ship your evidence.  We can help.


How many times did you need an appliance recovered from a residence and shipped to a lab for forensic testing? How about that 9 inch water line?  That lawn tractor?  We do that.

We have picked up evidence in almost every state, then we package it, and ship it to where you need it.  It could be a small package to a few skids – we do it all.

How?  We have teams of local agents throughout the country that are packaging experts.  We then use our trucks to ship it.  We do this under strict chain of custody procedures.

It does not matter a customer’s size, you will get the same best-in-class transportation service if you ship one item per month or 10 per day.  Why us?  Try us.